This is the “Her” pizza.  Truth be told, I am not a big sausage fan.  But I have found I really enjoy the chicken and turkey varieties.  Don’t be shy in trying them!!!  FYI - My favorite happens to be the Smoked, Apple Chardonnay from Trader Joe’s and Eric likes it too!

On my pizza - I started by brushing the crust with olive oil.  Then dusted garlic powder (not garlic salt) over the olive oil.  Next, I dotted the crust with some blue cheese crumbles - just because there were only a few left and this was the perfect way to use them up - well, and yeah, because I love blue cheese too.  After my crust flavorings, I had three very thin slices of fresh mozzarella I placed on the crust.  (See - way to clean out the fresh cheese and produce in your house and make something really gourmet!).  Ok, where was I ... after my cheese indulgence, I needed something green and healthy ... ah ha - Arugula!  So I made a pretty little layer of green arugula (I love this stuff too!).  And since it was snowing outside and it reminded me of Christmas - I sliced up some grape tomatoes and placed those on top of the arugula --- now I was feeling a little more guilt-free because my pizza was looking like a salad.  Stay with me ... this was an amazing pizza!!  After the arugula came some finely diced red onion - which Eric did for me in our Veggie Chop gadget in the blink of an eye without any onion tears.  Now for real --- this could have been the perfect Veggie Pizza for me, I certainly did not need the chicken sausage at this point.  But because we already had it cooked, on it went.  Next a layer of sliced chicken sausage and because I had fresh ricotta - like the real fresh stuff - I put a few little dollops on top.  And to top it all off a bit of freshly grated parmesan (please don’t tell me if you buy the pre-shredded stuff, I’m a convert and you will be too if you try it!). 

This is the “His” pizza.  Eric likes sausage, real Italian Sausage.  And I usually have a few spicy links in the freezer for him or a couple recipes where it just adds needed flavor.  So he cooked up some for his pizza in addition to the chicken sausage.

Notice there isn’t anything “green” on Eric’s pizza.  I think he would rather keep his salad and pizza separate.  Eric chose to use a store-bought pizza/marinara sauce that we already had opened in the fridge to start his pizza with.  After the sauce, he added a few thin slices of fresh mozzarella.  I’m so happy he likes this because it’s so light and creamy and delicious!  Eric likes his onions a bit caramelized, so he sautéed up a few tablespoons of yellow onion to add to his sauce.  And since he skipped the salad portion of the pizza, he went right to adding both the Italian Sausage and the chicken sausage.  He added some fresh ricotta as well and topped it off with the freshly grated parmesan.

Both pizzas went into a pre-heated 450 degree oven for 10-12 minutes.  I like my pizza steaming hot and so I tend to keep it in for the full 12 minutes and watch to be sure the toppings don’t burn.  I didn’t use the pizza stone this time around and I could tell the difference in the crisp-ness of the crust.  If you have a pizza stone, put it in the oven while you are pre-heating and bake as directed above ... and in no time at all ... you will have lunch or dinner (or appetizers) ready and a table full of happy smiles! 

So - I give you permission to have FUN with your pizza.  On my BBQ chicken pizza - I love blue cheese, the flavors explode when mixed together.  Have fun and think outside the box - add herbs, nuts and even fruit!!

OH and by the way ... I like my leftover pizza for breakfast - I heat it in my toaster oven on 350 degrees for 7-8 minutes.  It tastes so good ... and 100 times better than warming pizza up in the microwave - just trust me!