I’m not sure what I was thinking the particular day I made the linked recipe - which is called “Salmon with Curried Balsamic Orange Glaze” ... because if you look closely at the ingredients actually pictured ... there is a difference ... my, my, my ... regardless ... the recipe I made turned out beautifully - and I am planning to try the one I had originally planned to make!

I started by seasoning my salmon with salt and pepper ...

Then I heated my oil in a large pan - just a couple of tablespoons ...

And then I cooked the salmon until it was golden on both sides ... don’t flip the salmon until it naturally releases from the pan ... be patient if needed.

Next I removed the salmon from the pan - and tented them with foil to keep warm while I made the glaze.

Here is what I ended up using for the Orange Chili Glaze as I’m going to call it ...

  1. -2 teaspoons Roasted Red Chili Paste (Thai Kitchen)

  2. -1/4 cup chopped shallots

  3. -1/3 cup Red Wine Vinegar

  4. -1/3 cup orange juice

  5. -2 Tablespoons brown sugar

I stirred all the glaze ingredients together in a small mixing bowl ...

And then added the glaze to the pan and drippings from the salmon ...

I boiled the glaze until it had thickened - just a couple of minutes was all it took!

And all that was left to do was to pour the Orange Chili Glaze over the top of the salmon.  So good!

And if you wanted to broil or grill your salmon - make the glaze separately in a saucepan and baste during the last minute or two of cooking - and drizzle over the top!