I happen to really love dried cranberries ... and I really, really, really love goat cheese ... so I was super excited when I found goat cheese with a cranberry outer shell! 

I originally used this cranberry goat cheese as crumbles in the salad we served on our “Trial Run Thanksgiving” ... so I had some leftover - along with some Dressing/Stuffing.

And since I love cranberries in my dressing/stuffing ... I thought the combination would be delicious ... and it was!  This “mini pie technique” can be used for whatever leftover combination you have and that your family enjoys!

You’ll need 1 roll of pie crust for every 10 - 11 mini pies you’d like to serve.

You’ll also need a way to cut 4 inch rounds.  I saw a round cookie cutter set at Michael’s (craft store) not too long ago if you want a whole set. 

Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees.

Then allow your pie crust to slightly soften according to the package directions. 

You’ll want to flour and roll out the crust a little in order to get the maximum amount of rounds cut.  You’ll need to re-roll the scraps in order to get 10 - 11 rounds.

  1. *And make life easy for yourself - Cut the rounds in advance and store in a single layer between wax paper and place in a plastic zipper bag and refrigerate. Then they are ready for whenever your creative inspiration hits!

I used the fluted edge of my 4 inch cutter - but that’s not critical, it just looks cute.

I used my hands to mold the pies.  You’ll want your leftovers at room temperature because they are easier to work with and won’t pierce through the pie crust when you fold them over.

I placed about a heaping teaspoon sized amount of my leftover dressing and the goat cheese inside the pie rounds.

And I just used water and my finger to seal the edges together.  You could use a beaten egg too. 

Then gently fold the pies pretty much in half (be gentle).  And just pinch and crimp the edges to look like a true pie and use a fork and pierce a few holes to allow the steam to escape.

When you are ready to bake - brush the tops ... I used a little milk - but if you cracked open an egg to seal the edges, mix a little bit of water to the beaten egg for an egg wash.

Then I sprinkled with a little garlic powder (not garlic salt).

Then place in the oven and bake at 350 degrees for about 18 - 22 minutes.  Start checking them after 15 to be sure they aren’t browning unevenly or too quickly.

Once they are done - Let them cool for a minute or two and serve and enjoy your creation!  You could have a dipping sauce alongside if you desire!

Happy Thanksgiving!