And the Anchovy Butter Chicken is how this obsession began!

I needed a quick snack one night when dinner plans weren’t coming together as quickly as they were supposed to!  And with a panicked glance through the refrigerator - I saw I had saved some of the leftover Anchovy Butter mixture from the Anchovy Butter Chicken.

I remembered the Crusty Parmesan Bread recipe and how much we love that recipe ... so I thought to myself ... let’s give this a try!

And now I am forever changed ... I have served this alongside chicken and pasta dinners and also as a stand alone appetizer and everyone who has tried it cannot stop eating it.  Just try it!

If I were serving it to a larger group for an appetizer - I would cut the bread into small strips.  It doesn’t need anything like marinara for dipping - but if you wanted to you could put both on the table - perhaps next to the wine if serving!

The recipe is basically the Anchovy Butter mixture from Anchovy Butter Chicken - mixed with a little mayonnaise.

You could also use the recipe from the Crusty Parmesan Bread - and add a little Anchovy Paste to that.

I’ve done it both ways and it’s exceptional either way.

Here’s the recipe rundown:

  1. -Sliced Italian Bread or French Bread

  2. -1 stick room temp butter

  3. -2 tablespoons mayo

  4. -2 teaspoons anchovy paste

  5. -1/4 cup grated Parmesan (optional in this case because the anchovy paste is salty - I’ve done it by adding it into the butter mixture and sprinkling on top at the end - it’s great either way)

  6. -pinch red pepper flakes

Mix all the above together and slather over sliced bread. 

*I’ve also used bread that was still frozen - it will work fine, just slather a little more of the butter mixture on and bake a couple of minutes longer. 

Bake at 325 degrees until lightly golden and crispy - about 6 to 8 minutes.  Watch the bread so that it doesn’t burn in case your oven runs hotter than mine.

If you use thicker bread than pictured, it might need a little longer - or a quick trip under the broiler to crisp the top.