I used Won Ton Wrappers to put these delicious raviolis together.  These wrappers freeze beautifully.

This recipe will make about 24 raviolis.  And if you’re not a fan of ravioli - I have another recipe coming soon that uses this same filling :).

And as an added bonus - once you assemble the raviolis - you can freeze them until you are ready to cook them!

And if you don’t have leftover chicken on hand, you could use leftovers from a store-bought Rotisserie Chicken.  Check out the Pumpkin Ravioli (here) for another idea and brown butter sauce.

For the 3 Cheeses ... I used what I had on hand.  You could vary the cheese selection based on your likes.  If at all possible, grate your own cheese - it’s worth the extra effort.

Cheese #1:  1 cup of shredded Pecorino Romano (Locatelli - it’s much cheaper by the pound at the warehouse club than the grocery store).

Cheese #2:  1 cup of grated Fontina.  (Also much cheaper by the pound at the warehouse club).  Fontina melts beautifully - we like using it in macaroni & cheese as well as grilled cheese. (Secrets To Making The Best Grilled Cheese - click here).

Cheese #3:  1+1/2 cups of Homemade Ricotta Cheese (here).  Since mastering this recipe I haven’t even thought about buying Ricotta cheese at the store.  The Homemade version is far more creamy and satisfying.  You can make this in advance and store in the refrigerator.  I use it as garnishes for soups, I love it on toasted bread slices and of course - pasta dishes.

Next - you’ll need 1 cup of chopped Spinach.  I used frozen spinach, which I defrosted in the microwave and steamed slightly.  Be sure to wring out as much water as possible.

And --- you’ll need some finely shredded chicken!  Eric and I usually have dark meat left over - and it works so perfectly in this recipe because it doesn’t dry out as easily as white meat.  I love roasting and grilling chicken.  Yesterday’s post of No Baste, No Bother Roasted Chicken turns out so moist and delicious (and nicely seasoned) that it is ideal for this recipe. 

And ... lastly, 1 egg, slightly beaten.

Add all the above to a large mixing bowl and with a wooden spoon, mix until combined.

You can season the mixture to taste ... here is what I added:

  1. -1 tablespoon dried basil

  1. -1/2 tablespoon garlic powder (not garlic salt - the Pecorino Romano cheese is salty, so I don’t think you need to add any additional).

Once all the above is mixed together ... time to create an assembly line to put the raviolis together.

I made my raviolis in advance and put them in the freezer until it was time to cook.  I boiled mine directly from frozen.

This is a fun way to engage your family - or even your guests ... you could go to the extreme and do a pasta party.

Putting these together is as simple as placing a sheet of waxed paper on your countertop (place a few drops of water underneath the waxed paper, on the counter, so the waxed paper stays in place).

You’ll want to have a small dish of water nearby for sealing the raviolis.

Lay out a couple won ton wrappers ... and either by the tablespoon or a small-medium size cookie scoop - place a dollop of the above Chicken, Spinach & 3 Cheese mixture into the middle of the wonton wrapper.

Wet your fingers in the bowl of water and moisten the edges of the won ton wrappers.

Then carefully lay a won ton wrapper on the top of the mixture.  I start at one side, or the top of the ravioli and gently press the air out (and slightly flatten the filling).  Seal the edges together by pressing firmly - using damp fingers if they aren’t adhering.

To make them a little prettier - I used a pastry cutter to trim the edges.

To freeze them, I placed them on a plate in a single row; place parchment paper down over the top if another row is needed.

When it’s time to cook - bring a large pot of water to a gentle boil, salt the water heavily.  A rolling boil might break the seal on the ravioli.

I cooked mine from frozen for 4 minutes.  They are done when the float to the top of the water.  Test one, if needed, cook longer if the middle isn’t piping hot.

Serve with brown butter and Parmesan or Pecorino Romano cheese!  And don’t forget the Anchovy Butter Bread (here)!  ENJOY!

Merry Christmas!