Another recipe I found on Food Network - click on the title link for the actual recipe. 

I’ll walk you through how I made these with what I had on hand ... smart to stretch your food dollars and yet create and serve gourmet meals in virtually no time!

First of all, this whole recipe came together because of the leftover mashed potatoes I was desperate to rid myself of!  So I had to improvise a bit and they were fabulous!

I took my mashed potatoes, 1 egg, a small teaspoon of crushed garlic and a couple of handfuls of frozen (thawed), store-bought hash browns.  I mixed this all together in a bowl and then started to form small, thin patties.  I was making these in advance, so I put them into the freezer for an hour or so until I was ready to begin cooking.  I also wanted to be sure they would hold their shape really well - it worked like a charm!

Once I was ready to begin cooking, I heated my oil in a skillet - nothing crazy hot, just enough so that when I put a pancake into the oil, it sizzled a bit.

I let the potato pancakes sit in the hot oil, undisturbed for 3 minutes (I literally set a timer so I wouldn’t forget).  Then I flipped them and they were perfect!

Once I flipped them, I did the same thing for the second side - 3 minutes undisturbed.  If you fuss with them too much - you won’t get that beautiful golden crust - and that’s flavor for you!

The recipe says to put the cooked pancakes in a cool oven (200 degrees) while you cook the remaining ... I only cooked 9 total, so they didn’t have much time to cool off.  The Verdict ... these were yummy - oh my, so good!  OH - by keeping them “thin” you are also insuring the middle will be hot.

So anyway - we still had a few leftover after our scrumptious meal - and they were to-die for with a fried egg on top for breakfast the next day!  We re-crisped and heated them in the toaster oven on 350 degrees for 5 minutes - yum.  You could even freeze them and re-heat for another time!

Next time I may add in some bacon crumbles or chives - whatever is hanging out in my fridge that looks good - very versatile and user-friendly ... please try!

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