Since my pork was already cooked, and it was reheating - I just needed to make the flatbreads and shred some cheese - how easy is that?!

Pictured here is my homemade pizza dough - I will blog about my recipe another time - but this is enough dough to make 1 large pizza - and I cut it into 4 pieces and started to flatten into “flatbreads”.

Eric was helping me at this point - so he heated up some Canola Oil in a large skillet until it was shimmering.  And then he laid the dough gently into the hot oil.  It sizzles - so be careful!

The dough will cook really quickly - at a minute per side (or less) depending on how thin your dough is to start with.  When it’s done on side 1 - flip it over and repeat.

We kept our flatbread warm in our toaster oven at 200 degrees while we finished the rest.

And yes ... I had to take a little nibble off one of these and WOWOWOWOW is the bread alone fantastic ... you could serve this with a side of marinara for dipping and you have a breadstick!

As Eric finished frying up our flatbreads, I tended to the pork - which was hot and ready to go.

All that needed to be done was to top the flatbread with some pulled pork and some shredded white cheddar cheese ... and then the hardest choice you may have is to eat this open face with a knife and fork or go ahead and eat it with your hands!    Either way - it’s fab!

OH - and as you look at the original recipe - you could make it with ground chicken, turkey - or sausage or any type of pizza topping ... next time I may just fry some up for breadsticks - YUM!