Why I’ve labeled this a “Leftover Makeover” ... is because that’s how it sits in my mind.  Because it’s just as easy to make 1 baked potato as it is to make 10!  So next time you’re baking up some spuds ... make a few extra!

* I’m picking up my discussion today with leftover fully-baked potatoes.

As the recipe states - grate the potatoes, skins and all on a box grater - a food processor might also work, but honestly this takes little time and almost no effort - the potatoes are soft!  So less dishes is the best choice!

* I always keep Freeze Dried Shallots on hand and they worked beautifully in this recipe - www.penzeys.com.

I simply added my shallots to a bowl with my sour cream - I did it this way because the shallots need some type of liquid to soften and this did the trick.  Simply allow them to bathe in the sour cream while you prep the rest of this dish.  (No this is not cottage cheese ... ha, the picture doesn’t quite do it justice!)

Fortunately I had white cheddar cheese on hand, but having tried this recipe more than once - I think you could get a bit creative with what cheese you have on hand.  I can’t say with 100% certainty - but next time I take a little culinary creative license, I will post the results!

The recipe calls for kosher salt and white pepper.  Well ... you know me ... I took a glance through my spice cabinet and I happened to have Shallot Salt and Shallot-Pepper Seasoning - so of course, I had to try!  (Oh and the lid on the Shallot Salt is crooked because I dropped it and a piece went shattering off, oh my!)

For the remainder of the recipe, I followed it pretty closely; gently tossing the potatoes, cheese, salt and pepper together - and folding in my sour cream/shallot mixture in 2 additions.  It smells great even without baking!  I’m definitely going to be experimenting with leftover baked potatoes more often!

I used a casserole dish instead of a gratin dish - and it worked like a charm - so don’t sweat that detail.  A pie plate would also work because it has more surface area rather than depth like my casserole dish.  * Remember - this is a Leftover Makeover - potatoes are cooked!

After 30 minutes - it’s hot, bubbly, cheesy and smells divine.  We served it with a Roasted Garlic Peppercorn Grilled Filet Mignon (check out this posting) and felt like we had ourselves a $100 meal!  And you can too - all because you took the 2 extra seconds to bake a few extra potatoes and of course, learn some leftover makeover recipes!

Thank you Williams-Sonoma for demonstrating this recipe!