The link to the recipe is the title.  Take a look at it - you certainly have room to play around with the types of cheese(s) that you use.  You also could easily substitute leftover chicken, turkey, pork, beef and even seafood for the ham.  I think these would be fabulous with pieces of crab or shrimp - or BOTH!  Get excited!!

These are so delicious - they are company-worthy, snack-worthy and kid-approved.  SO consider your audience (and what’s already leftover in your fridge) - and get your cards in order and get ready to play!

  1. *I’m picking up with my cheese and rice mixture ready to be rolled into balls.  I chose to omit the ham because I didn’t have any on hand - and I didn’t have any extra “cooked protein” either! 

  1. *That’s what I love about Leftover Makeover recipes that really work - I can get double-duty use out of what I already have, making it special and unique the second time around - have fun!

Once my rice was rolled up into cute little balls (I used my cookie scoop to keep them about the same size).  I set up my 3-Step Breading Station.

In Dish 1 goes the flour.  In Dish 2 goes the beaten eggs.  In Dish 3 goes the bread crumbs.  Please note that you may add spices, herbs, flavorings to any of these 3 dishes.  To the flour - you could add dry spices/herbs/flavors or as simple as salt and pepper.  To the eggs - you could add liquid flavorings like a splash of hot sauce.  And to the breadcrumbs - you could add dry spices/herbs/flavors like dried basil or garlic.  And if you don’t have panko breadcrumbs, use regular - whether store-bought or homemade.

Once your fritters have been breaded ... you’re ready to head to the deep fryer ... or wait ... WHY not head to the freezer and freeze some for a later meal?

  1. *By the time I added all the cheese to my leftover rice - I had double the amount of leftover rice!  There was no way we would be able to eat all of this.  So be prepared - I put my sheet tray right into my freezer to “open-freeze” my fritters.  After a couple of hours, they were solid enough that I could transfer them to a resealable plastic bag for later use.

  2. *I think these would stay frozen nicely for about a month.  You can fry these right from frozen ... because that is what I did!

I fried mine (oil heated to 375 degrees) from frozen and they were warm on the inside and crisp and golden on the outside within 4 minutes.  You could also bake these at 375 to 400 degrees until warm throughout.  If you fry them in batches, keep them warm in a 200 degree oven! 

A perfect side dish or appetizer to impress your friends or family ... that you can make in advance and is easy on your budget!