We keep our Filet Mignon meals as budget-friendly as possible by buying “discounted meat” - it’s perfectly safe as long as you use it the same day of purchase or freeze it that same day.

Char Crust is a highly flavored dry rub - I happen to love the Roasted Garlic Peppercorn with beef!  Try a bit of it mixed in with your burgers too - YUM!

Since Eric was grilling for me, he went ahead and rubbed on the Char Crust while he was preheating our grill to high.  The directions say to drizzle a bit of oil or spray over the crust to avoid sticking to the grill ... this comes in very handy if you are grilling food like chicken - with skin! 

Once the grill was up to 450 degrees, he laid the steak on the grill (over direct heat).  He closed the lid and let it sear (undisturbed) for 6 minutes.  This steak was about 2 inches thick.  Then he flipped the steak and allowed it to sear on the second side for 6 minutes (undisturbed).  He didn’t stress about the criss-cross grill marks this time!  I didn’t miss them a bit!

Once the initial 6-6 minute “sear” was completed, he moved the steak over indirect heat to allow it to finish cooking to our desired doneness, about 15 - 20 minutes longer ... to land it somewhere around medium-rare - use your instant read thermometer to help you gauge it all.

Once it’s done - allow it to rest on a board or platter for at least 5 minutes, up to 10 minutes - DO NOT cut into it right away or all those lovely juices will run out.

The Garlic Peppercorn Crust gives the filet so much flavor without adding calories.  We didn’t make a sauce this time and served it with one of our favorite Leftover Makeovers - Strip House Potatoes Romanoff ... You’ll feel like you’ve had a $100 meal ... with no bill to sign or tip to leave!  Treat yourself!