Pressure Cookers are FUN and FAST!  So - keep your eyes peeled for a good one at garage sales near you!

I adapted my recipe from Pressure Perfect by Lorna Sass.  I used a 6 quart pressure cooker (not the one I use for canning).

I started by heating one tablespoon of butter and then added 1/2 cup of finely diced onions.  I cooked them until they were just about translucent - the recipe calls for about 1 minute.

Next I added in 1 1/2 cups of Arborio Rice.  I LOVE Arborio Rice - and if you’re looking for another way to cook it - check out my posting for Parmesan & Lemon Butter Arborio Rice!  It’s a delicious dish as well!

Once I added the rice - I made sure it was completely coated in the melted butter/onion mixture.

Next I added in 1/2 cup of dry vermouth.  You could also use dry white wine.  I kept stirring the rice until the vermouth was completely absorbed.  The recipe says about 30 seconds - trust me, it doesn’t take long!  The wine/vermouth adds another layer of flavor you’ll LOVE!

Once the vermouth had finished cooking off - I added in “chicken broth”.  The recipe calls for 3 1/2 cups.

Here is where I adjusted the recipe ... I’m addicted to “Better Than Bouillon”.  It comes in a variety of flavors and I have not had one yet that I didn’t adore!  I was out of my chicken flavor at the time of making this risotto - so I used another brand ... but I also added in some MUSHROOM flavor!  HELLO ... it’s even more like homemade chicken broth and I think it gives it another layer of fabulous flavor!  PS - try their Lobster flavor sometime for really phenomenal meal ideas!  You just follow the “mixing” directions on the back and you have any flavor broth in seconds!

Once the broth was added in - it was time to lock the pressure cooker lid in place!  On my pressure cooker - it’s just a matter of setting the lid on top of the pot and “twisting” it until it “clicks” (locks) - It’s really not tricky!  Follow your manufacturer directions.

Once the lid was locked in place - I turned my burner up to HIGH heat.  The HIGH heat is what starts building the pressure (hence, pressure cooker).  And see that little yellow button towards the right?  That’s my pressure indicator ... in just a matter of a minute or two - the little yellow button raises to tell me that pressure has been reached ... and THEN to turn the heat on the stove down just enough to maintain pressure - I’m usually fine on LOW heat or slightly above.  (How you tell if you’re heat is too low - if you’re pressure indicator falls or drops - you have to turn the heat back up).  If you’ve not had much experience with a pressure cooker - test it out using plain water a couple times to see how yours works - you’ll get the hang of it in no time flat!

And the best part is ... 4 minutes is all you have to cook this ... 4 minutes - can you stand it???!!!

Once the 4 minutes was up - I released the pressure by turning that “gray” knob to the left of the yellow button.  Stand back - because it’s a full blown rush of steam that will come out in order to release the pressure!

FYI - Once the pressure has been fully released - (if you’re pressure cooker is newer - it should have safety features - so follow the manufacture directions) the lid will unlock and will allow you to remove the lid.  Careful - the lid will be hot and there will be condensation inside.  Set it somewhere to cool!

Once the lid was removed - I turned my burner to MEDIUM-HIGH and stirred the rice - because it still had some water left - the recipe states the mixture will look “soupy”.  I cooked it uncovered until the risotto thickened - keep in mind it will thicken upon standing.

And then all that was left to do - was to stir in 1/2 cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese (or more).

And I garnished mine with a little Lemon Garlic Compound Butter that I also drizzled over our Pork Tenderloin and veggies - YUM!

Stay Tuned ... Michelle’s Kitchen isn’t going anywhere ... it’s just the beginning!