I linked a very simple recipe to this post - it’s very similar to one that I have used and I’ve tried it and it works great - so it’s what I photographed to give you the confidence to try it yourself.

This is so simple, it’s dangerous because I could eat these little crisp sweet treats all day long!  Just do a simple online search and you’ll find so many recipes using caramelized onions!

Here goes ...

Slice up your peeled onions.

Place butter, olive oil and seasonings (salt, pepper, etc.) into a microwave safe bowl - cover and microwave 30 seconds.  I covered mine with it’s glass cover - but I’ve done this with plastic wrap too - the lid is easier in my mind - use what you wish!

Add your diced onions and toss to coat.  Follow the recipe attached from there ... I did mine for 5 minutes (covered).

Then I uncovered the bowl and microwaved for another 5 minutes.

After stirring, I microwaved them for another 3 minutes (uncovered).

I was looking for a little bit more of a crispy onion - so I continued to microwave them for 90 seconds (uncovered) --- and stirring in between - until I reached a crispy onion --- about 4 1/2 minutes total.  If you’re a bit gun shy - do 30 second intervals - you’ll gain confidence by DOING!

For the last 90 second interval, I poured off about a teaspoon of excess liquid.

Once I reached this nice brown color - I transferred my onions to a paper towel to allow any excess liquid to drain off.  This took all of maybe 30 seconds!

Watch them towards the end (reason I checked them after each 90 seconds) because they can burn. 

I encourage you to give this a try - start with this simple recipe and start with 1 onion if you’re timid ... I always have extra onions in the house - so buy a few extra onions next time you’re at the store - and ENJOY jazzing up mealtime!