The Spice Rub consists of ... 1 teaspoon Mustard Seeds, 1 teaspoon Celery Seeds, 1 teaspoon Dried Thyme, 1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt, 1/4 teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper and 1/4 teaspoon Cayenne (or to taste, we used more).  This recipe comes from Weber’s Big Book of Grilling.  It calls for 4 Bone-in Chops and for grilling outdoors.  I used Boneless Chops and grilled indoors - and it worked!

My spice rub literally sits on the meat for hours  The recipe states that once the chops have their dry rub - Sear the pork chops over Direct High heat for 6 minutes, turning once halfway through searing time.  The recipe also goes on to say to “Continue grilling over Indirect Medium heat until the juices run clear, about 6 to 8 more minutes. 

Since my chops were boneless ... here is what I did ... I heated my indoor grill pan up to 450 degrees, using my infrared thermometer to check.  I always keep my instant-read thermometer chose by so I can monitor the doneness of the meat without having to cut in to it.  We like ours done at 160 degrees.

These Pork Chops took 6 minutes on each side - and I did use my makeshift grilling dome placed over the indoor grill pan in order to keep as much heat in and to surround the chops while they were cooking.  Once they were done, I transferred them to a plate to rest for about 10 minutes ... and when I plated them up - simply drizzled the juices over the top.  We didn’t need any sort of sauce or gravy - these were perfect for us!  ENJOY!!!