For the Caramelized Onions - click here for the recipe to do them in the microwave.  It’s so simple - and they are a compliment to so many dishes!  I used 1 yellow onion.  If you have made these onions and have extra - save them in the refrigerator overnight and add them to potatoes!

For the Mashed Potatoes - click here for the pressure cooker recipe.  I used 4 russet/baking potatoes.

You could certainly use the same below ingredients as a way to jazz up some leftover mashed potatoes - or some variety of instant potatoes.

After draining off the cooked potatoes - I added them back to the pot of my pressure cooker.  Over medium to medium-low heat, I added in 2 Tablespoons of Homemade Ranch Dressing & Dip, 2 Tablespoons of sour cream, 2 Tablespoons of unsalted butter,  2 teaspoons Garden Salad Seasoning (, 2 ounces of sharp white cheddar cheese, grated and 2.4 ounces of Havarti with Dill cheese, cubed and/or shredded - and ground black pepper (to taste).  For salt, I used 2 teaspoons of Wild Porcini Sea Salt (  Stir and then begin mashing with a potato masher.  Add the Caramelized Onions (along with any remaining oil/butter still in the dish - it’s a highly flavored addition and will help thin out the mashed potatoes if necessary).  And if needed - add more milk and/or butter if mixture is still not creamy enough. 

And my final thoughts ...

My favorite combination is this: I replace the sour cream and Havarti cheese with Cream Cheese.  And I omit the Garden Salad Seasoning.  Sometimes I keep the white cheddar cheese and sometimes I replace that as well with the cream cheese.  And sometimes still I’ll omit the Ranch dressing and perhaps replace it with sour cream.  The Havarti with Dill & Garden Salad Seasoning added a delicious herbed flavor - it was also super fantastic - ENJOY!!