What you see on the grill next to the steak is corn!  We love grilled corn on the cob - it’s very simple to do - and I will post that recipe soon!

Eric and I split this steak - it works perfectly for the two of us - and we’re able to enjoy something on the side like the corn - or even Potatoes Romanoff, etc.!

I made the Butter-Basting Sauce in the same manner as I did in the Butter Basted Grilled Chicken - except I used different spices and herbs.  The butter and Worcestershire sauce remained the same - and the spices I used were:  garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Eric preheats the grill to somewhere between 500 and 550 degrees.  Because I like a little bit of char on my steak, he went to 550 degrees for me.  Typically, he remains closer to 500 degrees.

Once the grill is smoking hot, he lays the filet on the grill and brushes some of the butter basting sauce on the side of the steak facing up, and then closes the lid.  He leaves it to cook undisturbed for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, he flips the steak and before closing the lid, brushes more of the butter basting sauce on the grilled side now facing up.  Then the lid of the grill gets closed again and the timer starts again for another 5 minutes.

Then he checks the steak and decides if it needs another minute or two.  (And that depends on the thickness of the steak - this piece of meat was close to 2 inches thick and a little over 9 ounces). 

Since we both like our steak close to medium - He can tell by looking and barely touching the steak if it’s done or not.  If you’re new to grilling - just use an instant-read thermometer (like we do with our chicken breasts) to see if it has reached the temperature you desire.

Then the steak gets pulled off the grill and he lets it rest a good 10 minutes before slicing it up for us.  And then - it’s time to eat!  And I could list a dozen side dishes and/or combinations of breads (and wines) that we like with our filet.  It’s such a treat for us that we savor the entire experience!  ENJOY!!!