I really don’t measure the ingredients - it’s a pretty forgiving recipe.  And I also vary the spices slightly from time to time.  And don’t forget - you can do this in the oven if you don’t have access to an outdoor grill!  The oven temperature has varied depending on whatever else we were baking/roasting - somewhere between 350 and 450 degrees.

All we do is ...

1.  Remove the husks and silks from the ears of corn

2.  Place the corn on a piece of aluminum foil (large enough to wrap the corn)

3.  Using a pastry brush, brush mayonnaise until it coats all sides of the corn

4.  Put chili powder, kosher salt and black pepper in a bowl - and using the same   pastry brush - coat the corn in a thin layer of spices

5.  Grate Parmesan cheese over the corn, turning it to coat evenly

6.  Wrap the corn up in the foil

7.  Grill for 10 minutes, turning occasionally  (the temperature of the grill depends on whatever else we are grilling - usually anywhere from 350 - 500 degrees - if you’re over 400 degrees, just turn it more frequently and you can peek at it if you’re unsure ... then once you’ve made it a few times you’ll know)

That’s it!  One bite and you’ll be hooked!  Everything just melts into the corn and it’s an amazing combination of flavors!  Fire up the grill - or the oven!!!