The main difference in this recipe versus the Best Ever, Fall-off-the-Bone, Crispy Chicken Wings ... is that the Wings are marinated in Buttermilk, Salt, Pepper and Cayenne Pepper for at least 24 hours.  We prefer 36 - 48 hours.

We drained off as much of the marinade as possible before placing into the pressure cooker in the exact same manner as the Best Ever, Fall-off-the-Bone, Crispy Chicken Wings.  One cup of water goes in the bottom of the pressure cooker, then the trivet and then the Wings.  Cook over High Pressure for 8 minutes and release the pressure naturally!

Then remove the wings to an aluminum-foil lined sheet and drizzle with vegetable oil, so that way they won’t stick to a hot grill.

Grill them on direct high heat for 2 -3 minutes each side, until they are crispy - or as crispy as you desire!  Because these were marinated for such a long period of time, they explode with Hot Wing flavor!  I dipped mine in a little Blue Cheese Dip - and Eric likes them plain or with Homemade Ranch Dressing & Dip!  There was no need for a traditional “hot wing sauce”.

The pressure cooker makes these so tender - and the grill gets them so crispy!  The marinade kicks the flavor up into the stratosphere! 

Happy Memorial Day!