When you are putting leftover food away - if you are able to separate the parts of the meal at all - I prefer to store my leftovers like this.  I have found it gives me more versatility (and creativity) to repurpose the leftovers.  For example, the  Jazzed Up Packet Pot Roast - I would place the beef in one container and depending on how many carrots and potatoes I had left - sometimes they each get their own container - or I wrap one of the ingredients in foil or wax paper and store it in the same container - this way they still remain separate.  See below for my thoughts on freezing the leftovers too!

And this all is especially important to those of us with small person households!  Whether cooking for one or two people ... or because you want all the deliciousness of home cooking but in smaller portions ... it all applies!

From a 2 pound beef chuck roast (at less than $4 per pound) - I was able to make 3 meals!  The first being - Jazzed Up Packet Pot Roast, the second being Beef and Noodles For One, and the third being Shredded Beef, Bean and Rice Soft Tacos!  And there are more options available to you as well!  It’s a mindset that helps to get excited about what can be created ... and you’ll find that not only are you saving money - but you’re not as stressed when it comes to meal time because the hard parts are already done for you!

If this is new to you - what worked for me in the beginning was to freeze the leftovers when I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  In fact - if you search the internet on freezer-friendly meals - you’ll find loads of information - you won’t believe what you can do with a little advance planning and your freezer!  In fact, here a link to Once A Month Mom - who fills her freezer on-purpose!  Anyway ... all this is being said today in an attempt to help you save both time and money - by not allowing things to go to waste - while you are learning to work this into your dinner (or lunch) time.  Beef, Rice and Beans all freeze beautifully.  The cooked carrots and potatoes aren’t going to as well, but since they are cooked, you could freeze them and see if you like the result.  They will be a bit more mushy - but they could work depending on what kind of creation you wanted to have!

Ok I will step off my soap box ... for now, anyway!

Here’s the Ingredients I used:

Beef from Jazzed Up Packet Pot Roast
Beans from Pinto Beans From Scratch
Rice from Slow Cooker Converted Rice 
Salsa from Restaurant-Style Salsa
Shredded Lettuce
Shredded Cheese
Diced Avocado
Soft Flour Tortillas

I used the microwave to gently reheat the Beef, Beans and Rice before assembling with all the other fixings!

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