Besides the fresh basil - I love the crunchy top!  So scroll all the way down to see other variations that are incredibly delicious as well! 

This recipe feeds more than the two of us - but we certainly don’t mind the leftovers!  I tried to include the ingredient measurements by “weight” in an effort to make it a little simpler to adjust the serving sizes.

Ingredients For The Potatoes:

  1. - 1 cup water

  2. - 2 large russet potatoes, peeled & quartered (about 16.5 ounces or 3 1/2 cups)

  3. - Kosher salt and black pepper, to taste

  4. - 2 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature

  5. - 1 Tablespoon unsalted butter + more if desired - see below

  6. - 1/4 cup heavy cream, at room temperature + more if desired - see below

  7. - handful fresh basil leaves, we use about .20 ounces - more if desired is fine

For the Crunchy Topping:

  1. - 2 Tablespoons unsalted butter

  2. - 3 Tablespoons Panko breadcrumbs

  3. - 1/4 teaspoon garlic salt (


Preheat oven (we use the toaster oven) to 425 degrees.  Spray a small casserole dish with non-stick cooking spray and set aside.

Place the steaming rack or trivet in the pot of your pressure cooker, pour 1 cup of water into the cooker.  Lay the potatoes on the rack (stack as needed).  Sprinkle salt and pepper on the potatoes.  Lock the lid of the pressure cooker in place and cook over High Pressure for 5 minutes.  Release the pressure naturally.  When the pressure releases and you are able, remove the lid carefully, tilting it away from you to avoid any residual steam that might escape.

Drain the water off the potatoes by pouring into a colander.  Keep the pressure cooker over Warm or Low heat.  Add the potatoes back to the pot and add the cream cheese, butter and heavy cream.  With a potato masher, mash the potatoes to desired texture.  Dribble in more heavy cream or add additional butter in small amounts if a creamier consistency is desired.  Add the basil and stir to combine.  Spoon the basil-cream cheese mashed potatoes into the prepared baking dish.  Smooth the top. 

Place the butter, Panko breadcrumbs and garlic salt into a microwave-safe bowl.  Microwave 10 - 20 seconds to melt the butter.  Stir to combine.  Sprinkle the Panko-Butter-Garlic Salt breadcrumb mixture over the top of the basil-cream cheese mashed potatoes.  Place in the oven for 3 to 5 minutes until the top is golden.  Be careful not to let it cook too long, the butter browns quickly!


If you really want to go crazy - once the potatoes are peeled, reserve the skins.  Preheat the oven (or oil in a skillet to pan fry) - and crisp up the skins - and add to the recipe above when you add the basil!  It’s crunchy yumminess!

OR - For a slightly different texture - scrub the potatoes clean, but keep the skins on - proceed as directed above ... Place the unpeeled potato quarters into the pressure cooker, then cook as directed and mash with the skins still on!

And remember ... This recipe is easily tweaked to make one of my favorite winter-time mashed potato recipes, “Cream Cheese & Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes”For more Potato Recipes - Click Here.  ENJOY!