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We are Eric and Michelle Sachs.  We love to eat and we love to cook!  But we certainly have not always enjoyed cooking nor have we known how to cook.

It wasn’t until we were monetarily forced into learning to cook ... we desperately needed to leave our “Restaurant-Going” lifestyle behind and focus more on our own bottom line ... (i.e., budget - yuck).

We’ve self-taught ourselves how to prepare fabulously delicious meals while still keeping an eye on the overall price.

We keep a wide variety of meals to pick and choose from to fit not only a budget, but leave room to celebrate life’s special occasions.

We’re passionate about guiding you through recipes with pictures and as many helpful hints as possible.  We would love every family to experience what we have come to treasure in our home.

Here’s more of our story ...

For the first couple of years of our marriage, one of our favorite things to do was eat out.  Not only do we appreciate the flavor and quality of restaurant dining, we love the experience of being out of the house together and having time to sit and talk without the distractions of domestic and professional duties.

Well ... before I continue, let me say that we still love dining out, but now we reserve it for special occasions or when time or travel simply does not permit us to cook in our own kitchen.

Continuing on ...

I whole-heartedly believe Michelle’s Kitchen was divinely inspired and appointed.  God used what seemed to be a series of disappointments, which at the time were heart-breaking, and He purposefully turned those obstacles into a new passion.

So needless to say the story goes that through a series of life changes and job changes, we had to significantly trim down the amount of money we were spending on dining out.  Neither one of us really liked this idea - but when you trust God with the direction of your life, it’s much more peaceful to just go His way instead of your own.

And that began our quest to learn and master how to cook with a price-conscious and flavor-obsessed focus.  And through this journey, talents were discovered and quite simply - our lives have changed.


Michelle’s Kitchen

Michelle’s Kitchen focuses on Flavor-Obsessed and Price-Conscious Cooking. 

We love preparing budget-friendly meals with energy-saving methods.

We Find, Prepare and Share Recipes.

We walk you through each recipe with illustrated

step-by-step instruction. **  And now you’ll find many of our own unique recipe creations. 

We are especially passionate about our Leftover Makeovers page!  This is where we illustrate the versatility of the recipes we use and share - to literally save you time and money.

We have also newly added a page for Cooking For One or Two People.  Scaled down and approved recipes!

You can create a huge variety of  dynamite meals and still be in control on how you much you spend or save on both your groceries and your energy resources!

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What’s For Dinner?

Are you short on time and low on motivation?

Michelle’s Kitchen can assist you with a variety of services.

Including: In-home cooking parties and classes, Menu-planning & Homemade fresh or frozen prepared meals.

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