Welcome to Sachs Central


Why the name Sachs Central? 

We are Eric and Michelle Sachs and we simply could not pick a better name to describe our vision.

Our goal is to share with you our God-given gifts, talents and passions.  So - Sachs Central will truly become a place “where it all happens”!

While Sachs Central is in it’s infancy, here are some things that are on our drawing board ...

Cooking  ---  Michelle’s Kitchen was born out of a need to leave the “Restaurant-Going” Lifestyle behind ... but keep the “Restaurant-Loving” passion. 

Sharing food with others and teaching the skills necessary to create flavor-packed and price-conscious meals will always be important to us. 

Michelle’s Kitchen focuses on Flavor-Obsessed and Price-Conscious Cooking.  We Find, Prepare and Share Recipes - bringing them to life through illustrated step-by-step instruction. And now you’ll find many of our own unique recipe creations! 

We are especially passionate about our Leftover Makeovers page which illustrates the versatility of the recipes we share and use - to even further boost your time and money $avings!

We have also newly added a page for Cooking For One or Two People.  Scaled down and approved recipes!

Organization  ---  Michelle is an organizational queen.  And because Michelle has such a knack for organization, there will be a section that will be called “Michelle’s Office”.  You can also reach our website by typing www.michellesoffice.com into your browser.

Beauty  ---  Over the past 15 years, Michelle has been very involved in the beauty industry, having a successful career as both a licensed Manicurist and an Independent Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay.  Michelle still keeps her skills sharp and plans to share her tips and techniques with you.

Golf  ---  Eric may perhaps share some thoughts about his love of golf.  Michelle, on the other hand, is slowly (very slowly) learning how to golf.

And many more things to come!  In the meantime, you can join the conversation on Sachs Central (Michelle’s Kitchen) FaceBook page and on Twitter @MichelleSachs. 

Make it a great day!

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